Hollywoodland Sign


In 1923 a 500 acre subdivision called Hollywoodland was launched. Two stone gates on Beachwood Drive continue to mark the entrance. Our historic Beachwood Canyon office, also built in 1923, was the subdivision's first structure and served as the Hollywoodland sales office. The most enduring feature of this venture, however, is the landmark Hollywoodland sign. At a cost of $21,000, a fifty foot tall sign was erected on Mt. Lee by the developers spelling out Hollywoodland. The original sign was lit with thousands of light bulbs and could be seen for miles. Within 15 years the sign was in complete disrepair, not to mention, the scene of a suicide when failed actress Lillian Millicent jumped from the "H" . The last blow came in 1949 when a wind storm knocked down the infamous "H". At that point, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce restored the sign, shortening it to read "Hollywood." An iconic landmark was born. Even so, by 1973, the sign was again in complete ruin. The Cultural Heritage Board of the City of Los Angeles declared the sign an Historic Cultural Monument and spearheaded another restoration. Throughout the years, the was altered in somewhat humorous ways. In 1976 the sign bore a political message when it was altered to read "Hollyweed" to emphasize the change in California's marijuana laws. Near the end of the decade, the sign again was ravaged by weather and neglect. A "Save the Sign" campaign was launched. Notible donators including Gene Autry, Hugh Hefner, and Alice Cooper contributed $27,700 for each letter. With more than enough contributions the old, corroded sign was demolished on August, 1978. By November, the new 45 feet high by 450 feet long Hollywood sign was complete. The unveiling occured on Hollywood's official 75th anniversary and the well maintained sign endures to this day.


Sign Reconstruction - 1978


First Sign Dedication Ceremony


Tractors Hauling Letters


Hollywoodland Subdivision


Unveiling of Sign


Political Statement

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Patricia Carroll
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